Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5


I'm starting some posts about creation of sculpties with Hexagon 2, from Daz.

Hexagon is a 3D modeling tool, with a lot of interesting features. In version 2.5, Daz added to this software the ability to export the mapping images for sculpties, to import on Second Life.

I will show how to create a simple vase from a cube.

Hexagon have a palette with the commom primitives of Second Life: cube, sphere, cylinder, cone and torus. You need to use one of these primitives as starting point for a sculptie.

Once the primitives are correctly mapped to generate the sculptie mapping, you cannot remove or add faces to object, and cannot use an existing object that is not made from primitives.

If you want to know more about Hexagon, visit the official website: http://www.daz3d.com/i.x/software/hexagon/-/?&_m=d

Let's go to lessons!
(and sorry for my english, I talk Portuguese)

Part One: Creating the Vase with Hexagon
Part Two: Importing it on Second Life
Part Three: Painting the vase
Part Four: Update on how to paint the texture for the vase !

Once I have uploaded the sculptie map to SL, you can get that for free at my main stores.

Look for the vase, and click on it. You will receive some textures for sculpties. You can get the source files of this tutorial here: http://sl.dragaodepapel.com.br

Well, with this quick tutorial I want to show how you can make sculpties with a cheap, and very good, modeling tool.
And, with the features of Hexagon, I can export the model to anotherformat, and work with my passion: paper models!
Check my other blog to see the vase as a paper model!
Drag√£o de papel - paper modeling

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Cristalle said...

Obrigado! This is most excellent. I was wondering if Hexagon was worth buying and I see that it is. You just got me off the fence. :)