Monday, October 6, 2008

New textures pack

I have released today two new texture packs: doors and windows.

For more information, visit my official website for SL:

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5 - Part IV

Well, in part 3 I put a quick example on how to paint the sculptie. But, there is a problem here.
I tried many times to correct the problem, and nothing worked, even the tip to rotate the texture 90º, as I received from a member of Daz group in SL.

So, how to correct it?

Using another way. And this another is that I don't want to use, but, it is the only way that I know now.

This way is: upload the sculptie to SL, create it, and in texture put a special image for mapping, like this:

So, sculpties will have textures like this:

Then I get printscreens of the most views possible from the vase, to have an reference:

In the paint program, start the work. I use Photoshop for that, but any software that can handle layers can be used. I create a new document, with size of 512x512, a good size for texture. Open, copy and paste the texture I use for mapping. The I created a new layer, to paint on it.

Using the views of sculptie as reference, I start to paint the texture in the painting layer. If I think that I need more layers, I add them. In the finished file, I have the mapping layer, and the layers for color and details of the vase.

Then I save it as JPG file, upload and apply the new texture of the vase, and the result is:

In the left, the vase with new texture, and at right the vase with mapping texture.

Perfect, no?

Yes, it gives some more work to get ready, but works at all.

And, my finished vase, that I use to give to people the example files and objects:

It's so cute!!

Note: I updated the file in my website, with the mapping and the Photoshop files for the texture of the vase. If you downloaded the file before this part of tutorial, download it again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5 - Part III

Painting the vase

Once we are using a modeling tool, we can paint a texture for the sculptie. The Hexagon have tools that allow you to paint in texture directly on the model.

But, there is a problem. The texture don't fit exactly in the sculptie. First I rotated 90º the texture, before upload. On SL, I changed the parameters on texture tab to fit it as a possible, but without success. So, this will take some more hours of try and discover, to understand what is wrong in painting textures. Or a trip to bugs tracker of Daz.

1 - Click on the blue point at left, to open the Material tab (if it is not visible).

2 - If your object don't have an material, click on New. I always put a color in textures, to better view.
3 - Choose Texture 512x512 in the Texture drop-down.

4 - You can hide the Material tab.
5 - Click on UV & Paint tab, then select the Paint tool.
6 - In Texture option at the Paint properties, you can select a color (small square at top) or a texture (square at bottom). Use the bottom square. Click on it to bring it to front, then click again to open the Textures menu. Choose one texture.

7 - Then start painting. Paint all the sides of the vase. This is not a fabulous paint tool, like the ones from Photoshop, but can help us to define the points where we want to paint, and wich color and texture. Refine in textures need to be made with better software.

8 - When you save your model, Hexagon will automaticaly save a PNG file for the texture, with the same name of the model file.
9 - Inside the vase paint black or dark grey. Select the top square, then click again to choose a color.
Tip: click on Validate at the properties tab of the Paint tool, to release the object, or you cannot span or rotate the views. This not happens all the time, but I have this problem.
10 - The image below shows the texture. It's not good at this time, but we can ajust it later.

11 - Sometimes wee need the UV mapping for helping at painting. In the most cases, the UV mapping is a good representation of the faces in a 2D plane. With that, we can use a software for editing image to prepare the texture. To get the UV mapping for the vase, right click in name of one the views and chose UV view.

12 - Yes, it's not good, but we cannot change the UV mapping for SL objects, or the sculptie will not work. In the UV view there is a camera icon, this export the uv mapping to an image file.
13 - To get the views again, click on Four views button (bottom of screen), in the UV view, click in the name of view and chose another view.
14 - Want to put more details? Continue painting. With white color, Paint tool with size of 2, 100% of opacity and hardness, I paint a line in the middle of the vase. This is only a mark that I will use later, to put another type of decoration.

15 -On Second Life, upload the texture, edit your object, and in Textures tab, select the new texture for the vase.

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5 - Part II

Importing it on Second Life

1 - Choose upload from file menu, then select the TGA file for the sculptie. You can preview the object selecting Sculptie in preview window. When the file is uploaded, you will note that nothing is showed. This is made with the alfa layer of the TGA file, to prevent viewing of the sculptie mapping .

2 - Create an object. In Object tab, choose Sculpted from Building Block Type. This will give to the object a form of an apple, that is described by the default sculptie map of SL.

3 - Choose the texture that you have uploaded. The vase will appear.

4 - Rotate and resize the vase.

5 - Voilá. The vase is ready! But it need a texture, no? So, let's go painting the vase.

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5 - Part I

Modeling the vase on Hexagon

1 - Create a cube.

2 - Stretch it in height.
3 - Select one face near bottom, then click on Loop to get a selection around the cube.

4 - Check the soft selection.
5 - Select the Scale Manipulator tool (S key). Use the central point of the controler, to redimensionate all the sides same time. Push to down, to make tool reduce the size of the faces, creating the desired efect.

6 - Uncheck the soft selection, and select a face then click on Loop.
7 - Use the Scale Manipulator tool again.

Note that here the inset in the vase is larger, and get two rows of faces. Repeat steps 6 and 7, selection a row above or below the first selection.

8 - To make the border, use the top view and select one face in the border, then click on Loop to make a selection around the border.

9 - Check Soft Selection, and use a radius value like 1.2, to select only two rows of points.

10 - Use the Scale Manipulator to increase the size of the faces, creating the border of the vase.
11 - To make the interior opening, select some faces at the top of the vase, using the Lasso Selection tool (right_click to bring menu).
12 - Some other faces can be selected in the proccess. You will need to de-select then. To do that, hold Shift and with left mouse button unselect the faces. Make sure that the option Paint Mode from Selection toolbar is activated. With that you can de-select faces without need to click one by one.
13 - Using the Translation Manipulator tool, push the selected faces to down, making a hole in the model.

14 - Save your model. Important: don't redefine the mapping for the texture! The Second Life objects have the correct mapping to generate sculpties. Because that you cannot Add or Delete elements (faces, vertices) from the model.
15 - Go to File->Export and select Second Life Sculptie. Give a name to the file and save. Hexagon will generate a TGA file for the sculptie, with alfa layer. This alfa layer will prevent the sculptie map be viewed in Second Life.

There is the generated mapping for sculptie:

Add-ons for Skins

If you have some skin templates, and want to add some new lipsticks, eyeshadows, or more, look at these add-on packs:

Pack 1
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- 9 colors and 3 gloss colors for lips;
- 10 different types of pubic hair, in one color.

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Pack 2
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Gothic pack
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Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5


I'm starting some posts about creation of sculpties with Hexagon 2, from Daz.

Hexagon is a 3D modeling tool, with a lot of interesting features. In version 2.5, Daz added to this software the ability to export the mapping images for sculpties, to import on Second Life.

I will show how to create a simple vase from a cube.

Hexagon have a palette with the commom primitives of Second Life: cube, sphere, cylinder, cone and torus. You need to use one of these primitives as starting point for a sculptie.

Once the primitives are correctly mapped to generate the sculptie mapping, you cannot remove or add faces to object, and cannot use an existing object that is not made from primitives.

If you want to know more about Hexagon, visit the official website:

Let's go to lessons!
(and sorry for my english, I talk Portuguese)

Part One: Creating the Vase with Hexagon
Part Two: Importing it on Second Life
Part Three: Painting the vase
Part Four: Update on how to paint the texture for the vase !

Once I have uploaded the sculptie map to SL, you can get that for free at my main stores.

Look for the vase, and click on it. You will receive some textures for sculpties. You can get the source files of this tutorial here:

Well, with this quick tutorial I want to show how you can make sculpties with a cheap, and very good, modeling tool.
And, with the features of Hexagon, I can export the model to anotherformat, and work with my passion: paper models!
Check my other blog to see the vase as a paper model!
Dragão de papel - paper modeling

Monday, March 10, 2008

Website for products

I have created a website to show my products:

You can see detailed information of products, and get the links to download the files, when a product have it.

Store - Fatimas Desire

Another os my stores:

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Store - Miles Island

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Templates for skins

If you are looking for templates to make your own skins, take a look at this product.

The Quick Skin Templates are available for Woman or Men, an allow you to create new skins using a image editor.

The formats available is for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (7 and upper), and also in layered TIFF files.

The templates value is L$ 1500 each.

You can buy it at SLExchange, ShopOnRez or in my in-world stores (see the iten stores at right)