Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Add-ons for Skins

If you have some skin templates, and want to add some new lipsticks, eyeshadows, or more, look at these add-on packs:

Pack 1
- 3 types of eye shadows: 2 colors for gloss shadow, 9 colors for shadow 1 and shadow 2, 2 eye liners;
- 12 different types of eyebrows int 3 colors, plus a layer for removing the original eyebrows from the template;
- 9 colors and 3 gloss colors for lips;
- 10 different types of pubic hair, in one color.

At SLExchange:
Quick Skin Add-on Pack 1
At Shop OnRez:
Quick Skin Add-on Pack 1 - Commercial

Pack 2
- 22 types of eye shadows with a layer for glitter effect;
- 30 new lips;
- 10 colors of rouge in two sizes.

At SLExchange:
Skin add-on Pack 2
At Shop OnRez:
Skin add-on Pack 2 - Box

Gothic pack
- 18 eyeshadows
- 16 lips
- 9 tattoss
- 3 lipliners

At SLExchange:
Skin Add-on Pack - Gothic Makeup
At Shop OnRez:
Skin Add-on Pack - Gothic Makeup

These packs are available for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro (not pack 1) and PNG format.

To buy, visit my stores:
Fatimas Desire:
Official Store:

or website:

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