Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Modeling a vase in Daz Hexagon 2.5 - Part I

Modeling the vase on Hexagon

1 - Create a cube.

2 - Stretch it in height.
3 - Select one face near bottom, then click on Loop to get a selection around the cube.

4 - Check the soft selection.
5 - Select the Scale Manipulator tool (S key). Use the central point of the controler, to redimensionate all the sides same time. Push to down, to make tool reduce the size of the faces, creating the desired efect.

6 - Uncheck the soft selection, and select a face then click on Loop.
7 - Use the Scale Manipulator tool again.

Note that here the inset in the vase is larger, and get two rows of faces. Repeat steps 6 and 7, selection a row above or below the first selection.

8 - To make the border, use the top view and select one face in the border, then click on Loop to make a selection around the border.

9 - Check Soft Selection, and use a radius value like 1.2, to select only two rows of points.

10 - Use the Scale Manipulator to increase the size of the faces, creating the border of the vase.
11 - To make the interior opening, select some faces at the top of the vase, using the Lasso Selection tool (right_click to bring menu).
12 - Some other faces can be selected in the proccess. You will need to de-select then. To do that, hold Shift and with left mouse button unselect the faces. Make sure that the option Paint Mode from Selection toolbar is activated. With that you can de-select faces without need to click one by one.
13 - Using the Translation Manipulator tool, push the selected faces to down, making a hole in the model.

14 - Save your model. Important: don't redefine the mapping for the texture! The Second Life objects have the correct mapping to generate sculpties. Because that you cannot Add or Delete elements (faces, vertices) from the model.
15 - Go to File->Export and select Second Life Sculptie. Give a name to the file and save. Hexagon will generate a TGA file for the sculptie, with alfa layer. This alfa layer will prevent the sculptie map be viewed in Second Life.

There is the generated mapping for sculptie:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the attempt, but many steps are not explained nor self evident. I bought this program specifically for sculpts, and can not extricate the useful parts from the other 3d modeling features. I can not figure out how to stretch the primitive, nor how to select the appropriate tool.

Larissa Redeker said...

Hi, Daz have a PDF with the documentation of Hexagon, where the tools are explained. I learned to use the program with this PDF. You can access it from the help menu (I don't remember exactly).
A better tutorial is good, but my time is very small at this time to make one :(