Monday, March 10, 2008

Website for products

I have created a website to show my products:

You can see detailed information of products, and get the links to download the files, when a product have it.

Store - Fatimas Desire

Another os my stores:

Fatimas Desire is one of a set of beautyfull island. Worth a visit!

Store - Caesars Island3

This is my biggest store, at my own land:

Store - Miles Island

This is my first store, located at Miles Island.

Templates for skins

If you are looking for templates to make your own skins, take a look at this product.

The Quick Skin Templates are available for Woman or Men, an allow you to create new skins using a image editor.

The formats available is for Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro (7 and upper), and also in layered TIFF files.

The templates value is L$ 1500 each.

You can buy it at SLExchange, ShopOnRez or in my in-world stores (see the iten stores at right)